Fast Facts about the Accounting Society

When are the LMU Accounting meetings?

  • Every Monday and Wednesday from 11:30 am-12:30 pm in HIL 119. Check out our calendar of events to see which firms are presenting that week!


How do I become a member of LMU Accounting Society?


What is the benefit of joining LMU Accounting Society?

  • Exposure to firms that you would otherwise not have without the Accounting Society!
  • Professional development workshops each semester to prepare for recruitment season!
  • Free mentorship program to learn from students who have earned internships and full-time offers!
  • Catered lunches every week!
  • The ability to network with other students, professors, and firms and learn more about the accounting profession!


Do I have to be an accounting major to join LMU Accounting Society?

  • No, all majors are welcome! But accounting majors are highly encouraged to join


Do you have any other burning questions?
Stop by one of our weekly meetings or send them to